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Brief description and recommendations for application of G. Vorsunov’s BAFs

The technology for creation of BAFs is patented in Germany with the priority as of 02.11.2007.

      The basis for creation of BAFs are the results of the studies of renowned researchers from Russia, Japan, Ukraine as well as the own investigations and practical experience of the Author.
BAFs create in the space in front of the screen of a TV and computer display the information field that has a beneficial effect on the status of the user’s biological field and carries it over into a harmonious state (biological fields were discovered in 1940). The biological field and cells of the body are interrelated. This is why the transition of the user’s biological field into a harmonious state evokes in the body different biochemical and biophysical processes, which eliminate the abnormalities and transfer the organism into a healthy and harmonious condition.
Every BAF has a wide effective range, but the accent complies with the title of the film.
Ideally, when using a BAF, one has to take the maximally comfortable position, get relaxed, and try and think of nothing.
(The said state is similar to the state of meditation; that is why the technologies with use of BAFs may be called meditative). The more complex the problem is, the more time is necessary for application of BAF.
No overdose with BAF fields is possible – this is why they can be made use of 24 hours every day. If a user’s biological field is in a harmonious status, it does not react to external fields.
Approximately 20-25% of users have adverse reactions in the first days, and sometimes the general status worsens – this is a normal reaction. If the level of your referred sensation is strong, you need to open your eyes and the BAF effect will reduce. If it is not sufficient, you have to switch off your screen/display and wait until the above-mentioned sensation is gone and then to switch it on again.
It is possible not to close your eyes with BAFs activated, and you will be able to do any actions, although the effect of the films will be lower and you will need more time to solve your problems. As the human body is a very complex system, the higher efficiency is achieved due to the usage of the BAF collections.
     It is not recommended that people with mental disorders use BAFs without a presence of a doctor as there is no experience of this sort.


 Information for users of harmonizers

      It is applicable for a wide range of tasks. The harmonizer is to be placed on the surface with the inscription “To body” as close as possible and it is to be oriented towards the area where a problem is detected. For instance, with problems in one’s joints it should be fixed on the impaired joint and borne for the longest possible period of time. (Refer to picture). It can be used on a wide range of tasks. The plate must be placed on the surface of which the inscription "To the body”. As close as possible to the body and to the area where there is a problem. For example, when problems are in the joints to fix the joint and carry the maximum possible time. The same applies to other situations (see picture).
If you have problems related to your head, the harmonizer can be placed on the pillow, under the pillowcase, if your head is on the pillow. In other situations, wear a hat on a cap on your head, and put the harmonizer inside it. In order to promote good health and to harmonize various situations, you need to have the harmonizers in your pocket on the chest, etc. Approximately 20-25% of users have adverse reactions in the first days, and sometimes the general status worsens – this is a normal reaction. Than these reactions will leave.


Typical changes of a field of users BAF and harmonizers of G.V.Vorsunov in process of their application, which are registered GDV camera

      Improvement of a condition of an organism occurs to backlog from positive changes of a power field. Backlog can be from several days about several months.






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