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          Welcome, Dear Visitor!

IMPOTENT NEWS!  New technology was created. helping to break ageing , become yong again, increase mental capacity and many others (distant impact). It also helps to solve a lot of health problems when classical medicine caren`t help. The point is to create harmonious state through programming the organism. Work with users is realised throus their photos. The author is ready to take 50 children and even more with oncology whu have bad forecast. Small practical experience allows to forecast that not everyone but most children will be able to get back in a normal state. The first results appear  during a week. Jast send a picture of a child and inform the Author about changes in his or her health.     Details in Copyright  I.T. FOR BIOSYSTEMS  TXu 2-041-516 February 06.2017.D

  For students  and ohters (50 people) I allow a free cours for 3 monts ( with a picture as well) increasing mental capacity. It improves memory, logic, speed of thinking and solving tasks , discovers hidden talents, increasees knowlege raiting in several times. It`s  also a good preventive measure from Alzheimer. The Author will need information from users about its effectiveness and permission to put pictures, he`ll destroy them after work.


    If you have complex health problems and a lot of other hardships, then stop and read this website please. We are sure that you will be able to find the answers to the questions that are important to you, and that you we will be rejoicing with you, when you will be a success. Here the knowledge and wisdom of Ancient East that have been verified with practice for a lot of centuries are bridged with the knowledge and possibilities of the state-of-the-art science and technology. Such bridging has made it possible to create brand new technologies for solution of plenty of the problems with every human being is challenged in the course of his / her life.

This is the wave cosmetics (look the catalogue), gives updating all organism, does a leather beautiful and healthy, eliminates many chronic anomalies, improves an emotional condition. The first effects on the average appear in 2-3 months from the beginning of application and have long-term character. Products are calculated on long term of operation. Therefore on a parity the price/efficiency let out cosmetic means many times over surpass absolutely all!!! Also have no analogues;
THIS is the help an efficient, comfortable and absolutely harmless  in case of complex and chronic diseases of the liver (including a hepatites C), kidneys, joints, brain and heart; 
THIS is a successful rehabilitation after injuries, burns and sophisticated operations;
THIS is a solution of numerous health problems in children; 
THIS is renovation of the body, prolongation of active longevity;
THIS is expansion of creative and intellectual opportunities and protection from adverse impact, and harmonization of the processes and events of which the life of an individual consists (within the real capabilities with the following extension of them);
THIS is a promotion of good health;

 ESPECIALLY EFFICIENT (!!!) IS THE USE OF THESE TECHNOLOGIES IN CASES OF ACUTE RENAL AND PULMONARY INSUFFICIENCY, ETC. It is possible to save lives of a lot of people who are dying of the said problems, and ALSO TO CHILDREN in many HAZARDOUS SITUATIONS ( in terminal form canser too). 


      Some of the concepts used by the Author are patented in Germany, Russia and etc. (ref. to Patent). The working tools in such technologies are information fields, which are biologically active and which harmonize the state of the user’s biological field. ( May be say: it is soft ware for biosystems and substances).  Further on, as a thread follows a needle so the body traces back a change in its biological field and is carried over from a pathological state into a healthy one: everything is simple and above all effective, safe and obtainable for absolutely all people. (Existence of biological fields was discovered in 1940 by the scientist A.G. Gurvich, USSR). Similar principles are laid as the grounds for activities of Oriental Schools of Improvement of the Body and Soul, the psychological effect of PLACEBO. (See Annex 1). Therefore, from a legal point of view, technology data do not require any special permits. Only the Human Being him/herself has the right to decide the best for maintaining his body in a healthy condition: either through jogging or yoga, or taking medicine drugs, or using the proposed technology, which have the efficiency of tens to hundreds of times greater than their counterparts similar in action. (Details on the pages of SPECIALIZATION).

Two types of the products developed by the Author create fields:

1. Biologically Active Films (BAF)
2. Harmonizers of bio-fields and substances.

3. Distance technologies for health, for  intellect, prolongation of active longevity, renewal of the organism and e.t.c.

 The basis for the creation of technologies presented, together with knowledge of the ancient East, are the results of the researches of many scientists from Russia, Japan, and Ukraine. This is also the researches carried out by academician of Russian V.P. Kaznacheyeva, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor K.G. Korotkov, Doctor of Biology, P.P. Garyaeva, Doctor of Sciences of Ukraine, A.R. Pavlenko, Dr. S. Jamanaka, Japan (Nobel prizer 2012), other scientists, their own research, practical experience of the author. (Some experts instead of the term the “bio-field” are using the concept of energy information system of the body. For example, the concept appears in a handbook for doctors on Su Jok therapy. (See the permission for the use of Su Jok therapy. Annex 2). SPECIALIZATION.
Formal clinical trials of BAF and harmonizers, as of 2013, were not conducted due to lack of interest on the part of conventional medicine. 100% of users are volunteers who have complex medical problems or other difficulties of another kind. 


1. Biologically Active Films (BAF). (All rights reserved by G. Vorsunov, copyright 2010, THREADID 1-70HVHU.6/15/2010.

2. Harmonizers of Biological Fields and Substances.

 3. Distance technologies for health. for intellect. prolongation of active longevity. renewal of the organism (wave cosmetics) and e.t.c.

      These devices emit in the space biologically active fields. The mechanism of action on the body is similar to the mechanism of action of BAF fields. (All rights reserved with priority from 25.4 in 2011.) All the fields used in these technologies have a similar nature and do not have any harmful components (magnetic, electric, electromagnetic radiation is absent), so unlike drugs or physical therapy practices they can not be in principle, harmful to the body.
We appreciate the users’ money as our, so if the user does not like for some reasons the harmonizers bought by him, then, in the absence of mechanical damages, he can return them after 25 days of usage and get the money back in full. The probability of such an event is about 1%. In case of complex, chronic problems the first small, positive results from the use of these technologies appear after an average of 5-20 days, so most users can within 25 days evaluate the effectiveness of the products. In children, the healing processes are much faster than in adults. DVD discs are not to be taken back, so those who are skeptical are advised to buy a harmonizer or several harmonizers, to make sure it is effective, and then to buy a DVD with BAF. The more serious the problem, the senior the user, the more time is required for its solution, and vice versa.
The ability to receive the impact from the harmonizer for an unlimited time, no need to use their technical devices and energy sources, a huge resource of emissive elements (collected for more than 10 years), absolute safety, the ability to successfully solve many problems that are not addressed or poorly addressed by other methods, are their great advantage and fully entitle them to be called THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD of all the products intended to improve the quality of life, to support health promotion and wellness of those that are produced today.

Properties of some collections BAF and harmonizers are similar to properties of products of cosmetic.
Therefore such collections and harmonizers are allocated in a separate kind of production. The author has named this kind " WAVE COSMETIC. " Such cosmetic gives positive influence on appearance of the user, on the general condition of an organism, improves mood.

                                           SALE OF BAF IS STOPPED.. 

  We wish be happy to ALL! ALL! ALL! The author, family, partners on business.

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