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The common name of the activity: HARMONISATION OF LIFE in its many dimensions.
The Author is shaping the harmonization processes on the basis of universal spiritual values: LOVE, HUMANITY, MORAL and BEAUTY.
All the work is divided into separate topics, which are linked.


      If you have to constantly take medications, use other kinds of therapy and at the same time, the treatment does not give you the opportunity to feel fully healthy, then stop and read this. You can totally or partially solve a lot of complex and chronic health problems with the help of technology offered on this site.

Short list of problems to be solved:
1. As concerns the liver: real aid in many situations, from intoxication to hepatitis C; after 3-8 months blood tests improve.
2. As concerns the heart: real aid in cases of chronic disorders, pain of various origin.
3. As concerns kidney calculi, inflammation, insufficiency: certain experience makes it possible to suggest that many of those who need a kidney transplant can have functioning of their kidneys restored; it is also possible to eliminate acute renal failure in situations where the methods of classical medicine do not help - it is proven practice.
4. As concerns joints and spine: aid in cases of arthrosis and herniated spinal injuries.(see Annex)
5. As concerns brain and its blood vessels (such as rehabilitation after injury, stroke, reducing the dependence on weather conditions, etc.).
6. As concerns aid in the cases of diabetes in those who do not use insulin, so far there is no experience as concerns cases with use of insulin;
7. As concerns reproductive systems in men and women;
8. As concerns aid in cases of the stomach and intestines disorders.
9. Highly effective assistance to children in a wide range of tasks: addressing the consequences of birth injuries (see Annex 3), aid in cases of cerebral palsy; in hopeless situations related to cancer and a lot of other areas. It should be noted that the use of the presented technologies in CHILDREN DO NOT ALWAYS, BUT IN MOST CASES OF COMPLEX CASES yields good and SURPRISING RESULTS. (All the Author’s activities are supported by the author's family and we are open to cooperation for the good health of children in cooperation with any children's medical institutions, including cancer centers and hospices. We guarantee high efficiency). As shown by some practical experience, these technologies can be effectively used in dangerous situations where the loss of immunity in the lungs has resulted in the process of formation of fungi.
The observations show that not all, but in the majority of cases, the worse the condition of the user, the higher the efficiency of use of BFA and the harmonizers. This is why it is important to use them very effectively in intensive care units in disaster medicine, topical application for rehabilitation after severe burns, complex operations on injuries, etc. It is very useful to have both BAFs and harmonizers in one’s home medicine chest and in all types of transport means. Since you can always keep harmonizers about yourself and hold the impact of them almost 24 hours a day, in many situations you can provide the solution of chronic health problems much faster than while using BAFs. For example: solving one’s chronic problems of joints with the help of BAFs may take from several months to a year or more. However, when using harmonizers, the first positive changes occur in 5-20 days.
It is possible to provide effective care to children with cancer in situations where the medicine has exhausted all its possibilities; to this end one has to forward a picture of the child, a description of the problem, and a postal address. Practice shows that the chances of life-saving in such situations are not low at all. The author has mastered the beneficial technologies of remote influence: he has been engaged in applying them for many years. (This is not fantasy but it is the reality, which has an explanation, but it will be delivered later, in a separate article).


      With Korotkov’s GDV camera the author performs experiments on the reactions of toothpaste and perfume creams related to the impact by the fields emitted by harmonizers. GDV camera steadily records the reactions of these substances. Ref. details in Annex 4. Consumers of perfumery relate that that the perfumery treated with harmonizer’s fields have a much better effect on the skin than without treatment. Also a device invented by Yu.P. Kravchenko, IGA-1 (www.iga1.ru) provides a stable record of BAF field and those of harmonizers.

In March 2011, experiments aimed at determination of the reactions of water to the fields produced by biological fields created by harmonizers and substances of G.V. Vorsunov were carried out at the CTI Ltd., Saint Petersburg (www.kti.spb.ru). At the same time, reliable results confirming the presence of the said reactions were obtained. The results of these experiments allow us to making some very important conclusions:
1. Both the BAFs and harmonizers create the fields that change the parameters of water, toothpaste, perfumery creams, which are registered by the GDV laboratory.
2. Since the human body is mostly water (70-80%), and water reacts to the fields of G.V. Vorsunov’s BAF and harmonizers of substances and biological fields, HUMAN BODIES AND OTHER BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS JUST CANNOT BUT REACT TO THESE FIELDS. (You can read on the subject in the works of the following scientists: from Russia - Professor Korotkov K.G., www.korotkov.org, from Japan - Prof. M. Emoto www.hado.net, www.massaru-emoto.net.)
3. Positive changes in the organisms of BAF and harmonizers’ users indicate that the fields they generate have a beneficial effect on one’s health.
4. For the purpose of maintaining good health, the reactions of water, toothpaste, and perfume creams can recommend processing of all the substances with such fields, above all, it concerns perfumes, medicines, and water and food used by man in the process of life. This is particularly true for sick people, children and athletes.
5. As you know, water is the basis of biological life, so it is very much topical to make use of the presented technologies for harmonization of the state of water in the waters of rivers, lakes, etc. Due to the impact on water it will allow providing a high environmental level of water resources and to restore the harmonious state of all biological systems whose life is related to water quality.


      To solve this problem, a special collection of BFA and harmonizers created (see product catalog). Their application is useful for people of all ages – from children to older people and for all occupations. Users have their memories and logic improved, their thinking becomes quicker and intuition gets enhanced, they find in themselves new abilities and talents. School and university students have noted that the processes of solving their training tasks become faster and easier. Rating of knowledge increases. During first sessions children with diagnosed autism and mental retardation have an acute reaction in the form of a strong nervous excitement. It is possible that these methods will be effective against Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, etc.


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